MBE, SB, SLBE / ELBE, C31# 94027

San Diego's #1 Water and Waste Removal Company

Green Clean Water and Waste specializes in the safe removal and management of contaminates such as storm water, sludge and other pollutants. Our services enable safe working conditions while protecting your company's interests by keeping you and your employees safe from exposure to hazardous working conditions, liabilities, costly fines and municipal code violations.


Green Clean's Mission is to save our planet by protecting life and preserving our oceans. We offer a higher standard of green solutions through environmental services that are:

•  Efficient
•  Economical
•  Environmentally Friendly

Our main focus is our client's customer satisfaction. Green clean is dedicated to stewardship that ethically embodies cooperative planning and management of environmental resources with organizations, communities and others to actively engage in the prevention of loss of habitat and facilitate its recovery in the interest of long-term sustainability and philanthropy: inclined to increase the well being of humanity through charitable aid and donations to preserve life.

Green Clean is committed to keeping our Beaches, Bays, and Coastal Waters clean. We support and advocate environmental efforts by providing services that protect our environment.